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Thursday, 29 October 2009
Page: 7576

Senator O’BRIEN (10:11 AM) —by leave—I did not actually see a vote from the government there, but I was informed that they were supporting that motion—

Senator Parry interjecting—

Senator Abetz interjecting—

Senator O’BRIEN —Opposition—thank you. You have corrected me. I spent a lot of time in opposition, so I am sure that you will forgive me an occasional mental block.

Senator Abetz —That’s why you still blame us for the boat people!

Senator O’BRIEN —Yes.

The PRESIDENT —Order! Senator O’Brien—

Senator O’BRIEN —Senator Abetz cannot help himself, but I will try and restrain myself. The government does not support this motion. We believe that with the support of the opposition and the Greens it has a majority and we will therefore not call a division.