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Thursday, 29 October 2009
Page: 7571

Senator MILNE (9:51 AM) —by leave—I move the amendment to business of the Senate notice of motion No.3:

Omit all words after “with particular reference to”, substitute:

(i)   the level of ceiling and wall insulation in Australian residences, state by state, prior to the announcement of the Energy Efficient Homes Package and the adequacy of the Building Code to ensure comprehensive roll out in future;

(ii)   the administration of the program from a pricing, probity and efficiency perspective, including:

(a)   the basis on which the Government determined the size of the rebate for ceiling insulation,

(b)   regulation of quoting and installation practices,

(c)   protection against rorting and abuse of the rebate,

(d)   the impact of the program in pushing up insulation prices,

(e)   the level of imported insulation to meet demand,

(f)   ensuring value for money for taxpayers,

(g)   waste, inefficiency and mismanagement within the program,

(h)   ensuring the program achieves its stated aims as part of the Government’s stimulus package, and

(i)   the consultation and advice received from current manufacturers regarding their ability to meet the projected demand,

(iii)   an examination of:

(a)   the employment and investment in insulation production and manufacturing resulting from the program,

(b)   what advice was provided to the Government on safety matters, particularly in relation to fire and electrocution risks, and to what degree the Government acted on this advice,

(c)   the costs and benefits of extending the scheme to include other energy efficiency products, including wall and floor insulation, draft stoppers and window treatments,

(d)   the costs and benefits of changing or extending the scheme to make small and medium sized businesses eligible for installations,

(e)   the extent to which imported insulation products met Australian standards and the method used to make that determination, and

(f)   what advice was provided to the Government on occupational health and safety matters, particularly in relation to training for installers, including:

(1)   to what degree the Govern-ment acted on this advice, and

(2)   identification and examina-tion of fires and electrical incidents resulting from the Government’s Home Insula-tion Program, and

(iv)   an analysis of the effectiveness of the package as a means to improve the efficiency of homes and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including com-parison with alternative policy measures;

Question agreed to.

Original question, as amended, agreed to.