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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Page: 5440

Senator XENOPHON (4:47 PM) —Can I indicate that I do not support Senator Milne’s amendment. I think Senator Milne’s amendment is still the amendment we are talking about, despite a few intermissions in relation to other issues. I have a question to put to the minister. I appreciate that it may have to be taken on notice, in a sense. It relates to the issue of the biomass and the projected emissions from burning woodchips. Have any projections been done or any studies, analyses or modelling been carried out by the Commonwealth to find out about the emissions with respect to woodchips, particularly in Tasmania? What would the potential impact be on greenhouse emissions? What is the extent of the modelling over the period between now and 2020? Again, I appreciate that that information may not be available now.

I indicate that I cannot support Senator Milne’s amendment, even though I am very sympathetic to the amendment with respect to biomass, because I think it goes too far with respect to getting rid of all solar water heaters being part of this scheme.