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Thursday, 13 August 2009
Page: 4834

Senator MILNE (10:05 AM) —by leave—I would like some clarification. My understanding is that to date we have not had photographs, charts or anything else in Hansard. I would just like some clarification on whether at any stage any of us can move to incorporate photos, marks, charts or whatever. I would just like to clarify that because, if that is the case, it opens that up as an option for all of us. I just want to have clarity about that because I would be more than happy to have some charts put in Hansard myself. I would appreciate some clarification on what is normal procedure for Hansard in terms of incorporation of illustrative material.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —I am advised that, from time to time, things other than words have been incorporated into Hansard, but that happening is subject to technical ability. Yes, it has happened to a limited extent based on the technical capabilities. Are you objecting to leave on the condition that Senator Fielding sought?

Senator Milne —No.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —There is no objection to Senator Fielding seeking leave with that condition attached.

Leave granted.

 The document read as follows—