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Tuesday, 10 March 2009
Page: 1172

Senator Minchin asked the Minister representing the Minister for Resources and Energy and the Minister representing the Minister for Tourism, upon notice, on 25 August 2008:

(1)   Did the Minister or Parliamentary Secretary within the Minister’s portfolio attend any event at the Beijing Olympic Games; if so, which events did the Minister/Parliamentary Secretary attend.

(2)   Was the Minister/Parliamentary Secretary accompanied by: (a) family; (b) personal staff; and (c) departmental officials; if so, how many.

(3)   Did any officials from the department attend the Beijing Olympic Games in their capacity as an employee of the Australian Government; if so, how many and in what capacity did they attend.

(4)   In regard to the attendance by the Minister/Parliamentary Secretary and/or departmental officials at the Beijing Olympic Games, what was the total cost of: (a) travel; (b) accommodation; and (c) any other expenses.

Senator Carr (Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research) —The Minister for Resources and Energy and the Minister for Tourism has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

(1)   The Minister for Resources and Energy and the Minister for Tourism viewed part of the athletics program in the main stadium for less than an hour on 22 August 2008.

(2)   The Minister was accompanied by one member of his personal staff and one departmental official from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

(3)   See answer above. The departmental official was accompanying the Minister on his visit to China

(4)   The Minister, his adviser and the departmental official attended the Olympics event as part of the Minister’s program for his visit to China. Details of those costs are provided in response to Senator Minchin’s question on notice 708 and 709.