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Tuesday, 3 February 2009
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To the Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:


  • item 1625 of the Health Insurance (General Medical Service Table) Regulations provides for the payment of Medicare funds for the performance of second trimester abortions, that is, abortions as late as 26 weeks of pregnancy;
  • Medicare funds have, since 1994 paid $1.7 million for 10,000 second trimester abortions;
  • babies as young as 21 weeks gestation have been born alive and subsequently flourished;
  • Medicare funds may be used to abort babies through the partial birth abortion method and also for abortion procedures in which the baby is born alive but then deliberately left to die; and therefore

We, the people and parishioners of Loxton Parish, SA, Loxton and Waikerie, All Saints Parish Pt Augusta SA, Booleroo Centre, St James the Apostle Parish Jamestown SA, Cleve Parish South Australia, Quorn Parish and Port Pirie the undersigned petitioners, seek and pray that the Senate will disallow item 16525 of the Health Insurance (General Medical Service Table) Regulations and thereby stop the funding of second trimester and late abortions.

by Senator Barnett (from 324 citizens)

Petitions received.