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Monday, 1 December 2008
Page: 7675

Senator McLUCAS (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing) (1:53 PM) —by leave—I move government amendments (1) to (7) together:

(1)    Clause 2, page 2 (table item 6), omit “1 January 2009” (wherever occurring), substitute “1 July 2009”.

(2)    Clause 2, page 2 (table item 7), omit the table item.

(3)    Schedule 2, heading to Part 2, page 18 (lines 2 and 3), omit “1 January 2009”, substitute “1 July 2009”.

(4)    Schedule 2, item 5, page 18 (lines 9 to 18), omit subsection 38(2AA).

(5)    Schedule 2, item 5, page 18 (lines 23 to 26), omit subsection 38(2AC), substitute:

   (2AC)    A person’s eligibility under paragraph (1)(b) or (g) does not cease under subsection (2AB) if:

              (a)    the person has reached pension age; or

              (b)    the circumstances specified under subsection (2AD) exist in relation to the person.

Note:   For pension age see section 5Q.

   (2AD)    The Commission may, by legislative instrument, specify circumstances for the purposes of paragraph (2AC)(b).

(6)    Schedule 2, item 6, page 18 (line 28), omit “, (2AA)”.

(7)    Schedule 2, item 7, page 19 (lines 9 and 10), omit “if the person has reached pension age”, substitute “in certain circumstances”.

Essentially, these first seven amendments, and also amendment (8), are putting into effect the amendments I outlined in the summing-up speech of the second reading debate. I think they are well understood by everyone in the chamber and I commend them to the chamber.