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Monday, 13 October 2008
Page: 5834

Senator SIEWERT (8:42 PM) —I am happy to debate all the amendments, depending on what the opposition feels about that. As you rightly point out, Senator Ludwig, this amendment omits words. The other amendments also omit words. I am happy to have the substantive debate now. We understand where the government is coming from in terms of not wanting to alter the IGA. I think the government understands very clearly where we are coming from. We wish to amend this legislation as agreed to by the Commonwealth, states and territories. As I said before, it is unfortunate that they have got together and voted themselves a nice cosy little arrangement on some of these issues. I should not be surprised that the government is quite concerned about altering the IGA. On the flip side, the government should not be surprised that we have some concerns about the legislation before us.