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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Page: 1637

Senator Ellison asked the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, upon notice, on 12 February 2008:

With reference to overseas travel by the Minister and/or departmental and agency officers since 3 December 2007:

(1)   What overseas travel has been undertaken; (b) what was the purpose of the travel; (c) when did the Minister and/or officers depart Australia; (d) who travelled with the Minister and/or officers; and (e) when did the Minister and/or officers return to Australia.

(2) (a)   Who did the Minister and/or officers meet during the visit; and (b) what was the time and date of each meeting.

(3) (a)   On how many trips was the Minister and/or officers accompanied by a business delegation; and (b) can details be provided of each of these delegations.

(4)   Who met the cost of travel and other expenses associated with the trip.

(5)   What total travel and associated expenses, if any, were met by the department in relation to: (a) the Minister; (b) the Minister’s family; (c) the Minister’s staff; and (d) departmental and/or agency staff.

(6)   For the Minister, the Minister’s family, the Minister’s staff and for each departmental/agency officer, what were the costs, per expenditure item, including, but not necessarily limited to: (a) fares; (b) allowances; (c) accommodation; (d) hospitality; (e) insurance; and (f) other costs.

(7) (a)   What was the total cost of air charters used by the Minister or his office or department; and (b) on how many occasions did the Minister or his office or department and associated agencies charter aircraft; and (c) in each case, what was the name of the charter company that provided the service and the respective costs.

Senator Chris Evans (Minister for Immigration and Citizenship) —The answer to the honourable senator’s question is:

(1)   Since 3 December 2007 Senator Evans has made one overseas visit to Jakarta in Indonesia; (b) to meet with the Minister’s Indonesian counterparts and other key stakeholders; (c) 16 January 2008; (d) Mr Tim Friedrich from Senator Evans’s Office and Mr Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC); and (e) 19 January 2008.

(2) (a)   and (b) The program for Senator Evans’s visit was as follows: Wednesday 16 January 2008 1705 - on arrival meeting with Ambassador Bill Farmer and Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Regional Director Jim O’Callaghan. Thursday 17 January 2008 1000 - meeting with HE Mr Andi Mattalatta, Minister for Law and Human Rights. 1300 - hosted a lunch for Indonesian Opinion Makers including members of Commissions I (Foreign Affairs, Defence, Communications and Information) and III (Law, Legislation, Human Rights and Security). 1500 - meeting with HE Dr Hassan Wirajuda, Minister for Foreign Affairs. 1630 - meeting with Mr Steve Cook, Chief of Mission, IOM. 1840 - reception hosted by Ambassador Bill Farmer. Friday 18 January 2008 0920 - meeting with DIAC staff. 1000 - briefing with representatives from other key agencies at Post. 1100 - visit to the Australian Visa Application Centre. 1200 - host luncheon for members of the Indonesia-Australia Business Council. 1500 - meeting with UNHCR Regional Representative, Mr Robert Ashe.  1630 - meeting with a group of Indonesian Immigration officers who have been recipients of various DIAC sponsored scholarships.  Saturday 19 January 2008 0800 - departure for Australia

(3)   None.

(4)   -Senator Evans and Mr Friedrich - the Department of Finance and Deregulation.         -Mr Metcalfe - DIAC.         -Defence met the cost of operating the Defence Special Purpose Aircraft (SPA).

(5)   See answer to question 6 below.

(6)   A breakdown of the costs incurred by the Minister, Mr Friedrich and Mr Metcalfe is attached.

(7) (a)   to (c) Air charters were not used. The services of the Defence SPA were used throughout the visit. Defence has advised that the additional cost for the use of Defence SPA is $42,018. Defence reports to Parliament twice annually on the cost of all Defence SPA travel.




Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) to meet


Travelling Allowance                      $250

Accommodation                               $1,300

Sub Total                                           $1,550

Tim Friedrich

Travelling Allowance                      $500

Accommodation                               $450

Sub-Total                                           $950

Total to be met by Finance               $2,500

DIAC to meet


Travelling Allowance                      $500

Accommodation costs                    $450

Sub-Total                                           $950

Other Costs

Official Hospitality                           $2,450

(details of functions provided in part 2 of the above answer)

Transport for the official party      $1,100

Security                                             $3,100

Sub-Total                                           $6,650

Total to be met by DIAC                   $7,600

GRAND TOTAL                               $10,100

Note - the figures above:

  • have been rounded to the nearest $50;
  • and reflect the exchange rates advised by the post.