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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
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Senator Minchin asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 12 February 2008:

As at 26 November 2007, with reference to the department and all agencies in the Minister’s portfolio:

(1)   How many employees are engaged in positions responsible for public affairs, media management, liaison with the media and media monitoring.

(2)   What are the responsibilities of these staff.

(3)   What are the Australian Public Service classifications of these positions.

(4)   For each of the financial years 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11, what is the current operating budget for these media-related sections within the department or agency.

Senator Faulkner (Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary) —The Minister for Defence has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

(1)   , (2) and (3) The Defence Public Affairs Branch employs 62 civilian employees and 57 military employees.





1 x BRIG, 1 x COL

1 x EL2, 1 x EL1, 1 x APS4

Defence Service Newspapers

1 x WO2, 4 x CPL, 1 x LS

1 x EL2, 4 x EL1, 4 x APS6, 1x APS5, 1xAPS4

Communication Advisors

2 x EL2, 7 x EL1

Defence Public Affairs Training

1 x EL1, 1 x APS6

Media Engagement

1 x EL2, 2 x EL1, 3 x APS5/6, 5 x APS4/5

Defence Internet

1 x APS6

Video and Imagery Library

1 x EL1, 1 x APS4, 1 x APS3-4

Military Public Affairs Preparedness and Plans

1 x LTCOL, 1 x MAJ

Research, Planning and Entertainment Media Liaison

1 x EL2, 1 x APS6

Regional Public Affairs

6 x EL1, 2 x APS6, 1 x APS3, 3 x APS2

Military Headquarters Support

1 x WGCDR, 1 x LTCOL, 5 x MAJ, 2 x LEUT,

2 x CAPT, 3 x FLTLT, 1 x LT

Joint Public Affairs Unit covering photographers and reporters

1 x MAJ, 1 x WO, 2 x WO2, 5 x CAPT, 1 x LEUT,

3 x SGT, 11 x CPL, 2 x LS, 2 x LT , 1 x FLTLT, 1 x AB, 1 x AC, 1 x PTE, 1 x APS4

Administration Support

1 x APS6, 1 x APS5, 1 x APS4

Secondment/ Leave

1 x EL2, 3 x EL1


Key: BRIG: Brigadier, COL: Colonel, EL: Executive Level, APS: Australian Public Service, WO2: Warrant Officer Class 2, CPL: Corporal, LS: Leading Seaman, LTCOL: Lieutenant Colonel, MAJ: Major, WGCDR: Wing Commander, LEUT: Lieutenant (Navy), CAPT: Captain, FLTLT: Flight Lieutenant, LT: Lieutenant (Army), WO: Warrant Officer (Navy), SGT: Sergeant, AB: Able Seaman, AC: Aircraftman, PTE: Private

Outside of the Branch there are a further 34 Defence employees who provide public affairs support as a part of their duties.



Public Affairs Responsibility



Communications advice

1 x APS6


Public Affairs coordination and support. The staff also provide reputation and event management support

1 x APS3, 1 x APS4, 1 x APS4/5, 1 x APS5, 2 x APS6, 1 x EL1, 1 x LCDR,

2 x LEUT

Air Force

Public Affairs planning and implementation and media management.

2 x EL1

1 x SQNLDR, 3 x FLTLT,


People Strategies and Policy Group

Communications advice/management/support to Defence Force Recruiting Branch including public relations support to ADF recruiting marketing activities.

1 x EL1, 1 x APS6

Chief Information Office

Communication and customer management

1 x EL2

Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Australia wide coordination of Public Affairs, stakeholder relations, production of media items and online communications

1 x EL2, 4 x EL1, 3 x APS6


Strategic Communication Advice

1 x Acting EL2, 1 x APS6

Joint Logistics Command

Media monitoring, but majority of position (90per cent of workload) manages internal publications, branding, conference etc

1 x EL1

Key: LCDR: Lieutenant Commander, SQNLDR: Squadron Leader, FLGOFF: Flying Officer

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) has no specific staff members responsible for the stated functions. DHA does have a Sales, Promotion and Communication Team, comprised of four staff members. The team is responsible for advertising and marketing campaigns (for DHA’s sales and product promotion); customer and investor liaison and communication; managing DHA’s sales and promotion events; sales and product promotions for example, product and service information, and communicating with stakeholders, customers and investors. There is relatively little day to day media interest in DHA’s activities, so an incidental proportion of the team’s time is involved in responding to media requests.

(4)   $3.3 million in 2007-08 and $3.1 million in 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.