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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
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This petition is addressed to the President of the Senate and Members of the Senate, and to the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representative Australian Parliament assembled.

Petition for an Australian Ministry for Peace

This petition from the undersigned respectfully points out that:

There is an urgent need to peacefully resolve the conflicts that exist among humans today.

Your petitioners therefore request that The Senate and The House of Representatives take a lead to establish an Australian MINISTRY FOR PEACE to accomplish the following objectives:

  • reduce and eliminate domestic and international violence towards a global culture of non-violence;
  • gather and analyse information and recommendations from local and global peace organisations;
  • teach violence prevention, creative mediation and conflict resolution methods in schools and universities;
  • provide prevention programs addressing domestic, gang, drug, alcohol and gambling related violence;
  • develop field-tested educational programs promoting conflict resolution and peer mediation in schools;
  • effectively treat and dismantle gang psychology;
  • educate and rehabilitate the prison population;
  • advertise peace-making knowledge among conflicting cultures both here and abroad;
  • administer an Australian Peace Academy to teach world’s best practice and effective techniques for the amelioration of violence and conflict among domestic and international populations;
  • support the military by providing information, education and technologies for conflict resolution;
  • advise the Prime Minister and cabinet and others on the root causes of violence;
  • train civilian peacekeepers to participate in nonviolent peace-building activities;
  • assist towns, cities and state governments in coordinating programs to eliminate violence;
  • support the global movement for every nation to establish a Ministry for Peace; and
  • encourage the Australian population to observe and celebrate the endeavors created for peace on a personal, local, national and international level.
by The President (from 16 citizens)