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Tuesday, 13 May 2008
Page: 1502

The PRESIDENT (3:03 PM) —On 20 March 2008 Senator Abetz asked that I consider whether remarks allegedly made by Senator Carr, before he began to answer the question asked of him by Senator Lightfoot during question time, were unparliamentary, and whether a statement by Senator Evans to the effect that Senator Kemp’s description of those remarks was untrue should also be withdrawn. I had earlier ruled that there was no point of order when Senator Kemp raised Senator Carr’s remarks by way of a point of order.

The Hansard audiovisual recording of that part of question time indicates that some words were uttered by Senator Carr before he began his answer as recorded in Hansard.

Honourable senators interjecting—

The PRESIDENT —Order! I remind senators of the standing orders. The words are indistinct in part and it is not clear to whom or what they were directed. The words in question appear to have been an aside of the kind which senators occasionally make to colleagues, which, if heard, are not recorded by Hansard as part of the proceedings, and which are also not normally taken note of by the chair. Such asides are distinct from interjections, which are subject to the rules of the Senate. In all the circumstances, I do not consider that anything unparliamentary occurred or that the chair ought to take any note of the words in question. I would suggest, however, if senators make remarks which they do not intend to be part of the proceedings, that they ensure such remarks are heard only by the intended recipients.