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Wednesday, 19 March 2008
Page: 1247

Senator MILNE (12:02 PM) —I have just had clarification on something. My understanding of the ministerial directions amendment was that the opposition’s amendment and my amendment were to the same effect. However, I have just had advice that that is not the case. In fact, it is the case that the opposition were seeking to remove reference to ministerial discretion, therefore not requiring anything to be placed on the table of the house. That is the House of Representatives approach. My amendment, by saying that it is a legislative instrument, is specifically saying that it is a disallowable instrument. Removing it all together would not say that it is a legislative instrument. I just wanted to clarify why I am changing my position from what I said a minute ago. I have had some more technical advice, so I want to indicate that in relation to clause (5), page 4, sheet 5463—the opposition amendment with regard to ministerial discretion—I will be opposing that and still putting my amendment.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —Does the committee still wish to proceed with the amendments separately?