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Monday, 14 March 2005
Page: 131

Senator Faulkner asked the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, upon notice, on 19 November 2004:

With reference to the proposed Mature Aged Workers—Increasing Participation Rates advertising campaign:

(1)   For each of the financial years, 2003-04 and 2004-05: (a) what is the cost of this advertising campaign; and (b) what is the breakdown of these advertising costs for: (a) television (TV) placements; (b) radio placements; (c) newspaper placements; (d) printing and mail outs; and (e) research.

(2)   What: (a) creative agency or agencies; and (b) research agency or agencies; have been engaged for the campaign.

(3)   When will the campaign begin, and when is it planned to end.

(4)   If there is a mail out planned, to whom will it be targeted and what database will be used to select addresses - the Australian Taxation Office database, the electoral database or other.

(5) (a)   What appropriations will the department use to authorise any of the payments either committed to be made or proposed to be made as part of this advertising campaign; (b) will those appropriations be made in the 2003-04 or 2004-05 financial year; (c) will the appropriations relate to a departmental or administered item or the Advance to the Minister for Finance and Administration; and (d) if an appropriation relates to a departmental or administered item, what is the relevant line item in the relevant Portfolio Budget Statement for that item.

(6)   Has a request been made of the Minister for Finance and Administration to issue a drawing right to pay out moneys for any part of the advertising campaign; if so: (a) what are the details of that request; and (b) against which particular appropriation is it requested that the money be paid.

(7)   Has the Minister for Finance and Administration issued a drawing right as referred to in paragraph (6) above; if so, what are the details of that drawing right.

(8)   Has an official or minister made a payment of public money or debited an amount against an appropriation in accordance with a drawing right issued by the Minister for Finance and Administration for any part of the advertising campaign.

Senator Abetz (Special Minister of State) —The Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations has provided the following answer to the honourable senator’s question:

The Department did not undertake an advertising campaign in relation to Mature Aged Workers during 2003-04, and has no plans to do so during 2004-05.

However, the Department has placed one-off, non-campaign press advertisements in April 2004 to promote Job Network’s ‘Mature Age Month’; and again in October and November 2004 to advise mature aged job seekers about seminars and workshops being held as part of the Mature Aged Employment and Workplace Strategy.

The total cost of advertising associated with Mature Age Month was $7400. At 2 December 2004, $9348 had been spent on advertising associated with mature age workshops and seminars. Further one-off advertisements will be placed between December 2004 and February 2005 to promote seminars and workshops scheduled during this period.

This advertising has been placed by the Department through its media buyer, HMA Blaze.