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Tuesday, 8 March 2005
Page: 4

Senator CHERRY (12:45 PM) —The Democrats will be supporting the ALP amendment. I note in particular that, because it excludes smaller organisations, the amendment will apply to only the larger organisations, as Senator Conroy pointed out. I note in particular that, according to Ibis World, the courier industry is dominated by small businesses, with nearly 75 per cent of management unit locations employing fewer than 10 people. So we are carving out a very large chunk of the industry. I would hope—in fact, I would expect—that this amendment would make no difference to the government because, as I said in my speech in the second reading debate—which I hope the minister addresses—I would presume that the minister already has the larger companies signed up. I would be disappointed if we were setting up a PIO without having the larger companies already signed up. I do not think this amendment would create compliance problems because I would be very disappointed if these organisations had not already agreed to signed up. They should agree to sign up and, that being the case, it is far better to have them all in rather than all out; otherwise, frankly, there is no benefit in this bill.