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Wednesday, 9 February 2005
Page: 26

Senator MURRAY (11:16 AM) —I have some general questions before we go to amendments.

The CHAIRMAN —We will take your general questions first.

Senator MURRAY —Thank you. I am happy if the opposition wants to ask general questions first, but I thought you might just be dealing with amendments. Minister, I have a couple of areas to question you on. The first concerns some remarks I made about some particularly high-profile individuals who are not completing their tax returns on time. That is not a hanging offence if it is a few months late or as a result of personal problems or personal issues. I am not concerned with that. I am concerned with serious failures to put in tax returns. I am, of course, referring to the recent press reports on judges’ tax returns. In my view, that is an extremely serious matter. If a judge is seriously derelict in that area, does that constitute grounds for removal and, in your view, should it?