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Monday, 30 August 2004
Page: 26736

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Lightfoot)—The President has received letters from party leaders seeking appointment of members to the Senate Select Committee on the Scrafton Evidence. There being two nominations for one position on the committee, in accordance with standing orders a ballot will be held to determine which one of the two senators is to be appointed. I will first call the minister to seek leave to move a motion for the uncontested vacancies and then I understand that it is the wish of the Senate that the ballot for the fifth position be held immediately.

Senator IAN CAMPBELL (Western Australia—Manager of Government Business in the Senate) (9.09 p.m.)—by leave—I move:

That Senators Brandis, Faulkner, Ferguson and Ray be appointed to the Select Committee on the Scrafton Evidence.

Question agreed to.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT Before proceeding to a ballot, the bells will be rung for four minutes.

The bells having been rung—

The PRESIDENT —Order! The Senate will now proceed to ballot. Ballot papers will be distributed to honourable senators, who are requested to write on the ballot paper the name of the candidate they wish to vote for. The candidates are Senator Bartlett and Senator Brown. I invite Senator Ferris and Senator Mackay to act as scrutineers.

A ballot having been taken

The PRESIDENT —Order! The result of the ballot is as follows: Senator Bartlett, 62 votes; and Senator Brown, eight votes. Senator Bartlett is therefore elected as the member of the Select Committee on the Scrafton Evidence nominated by minority groups and Independent senators.