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Monday, 30 August 2004
Page: 26723

Senator BROWN (8:56 PM) —The Greens support the Tax Laws Amendment (Wine Producer Rebate and Other Measures) Bill 2004. It will help smaller producers. It introduces a wine producer rebate to offset the wine equalisation tax up to a maximum of $290,000. However, it does not yet bring in a tax which is based on the volume, rather than the selling price, of wine. That is something that we would like to see the government move to. This legislation will be a benefit in general to smaller wine producers in Tasmania and, I am sure, other parts of the country and therefore has to be welcomed, but we will be pursuing further improvements to make the taxation system fairer for small producers producing high-quality wines as against those that are producing large volumes. Many people would not know, for example, that cask wines are not produced in Tasmania. Its production is all high-quality bottled wines. While this legislation is a good move, one that will help many wine producers, we would like to see it go further.