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Monday, 30 August 2004
Page: 26613

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled,

We, the undersigned, all being Australian citizens, respectfully request that a Senate enquiry be undertaken into the matter of the gaoling of Pauline Lee Hanson and David William Ettridge by the courts of the state of Queensland.

We believe the above mentioned were denied natural justice for the following reasons:

1. We believe the trust fund “Australians For Honest Politics” was intentionally set up by a serving minister of the Crown to discredit Australian citizens and derail their political ambitions. We further believe the nature of the trust to be malicious and indeed even the name misleading.

2. We question the evidence submitted at the trial as it has since been admitted by witnesses that their testimony was perjury and in some cases paid for by Australians For Honest Politics Trust Fund.

3. We believe the presiding justice contradicted herself in the summing up and instruction to jurors phase of the trial.

4. We believe there was no Mens Rea, no intent to commit a crime.

5. The jury in the trial were aware of further pending charges what were later dropped and may have unduly biased them.

6. We believe that a large number of Australians have been disenfranchised by a co-ordinated campaign of political character assassination.

7. We believe the only person who can cause a political party to be deregistered by fraud or misrepresentation in this case to be the Electoral Commissioner of Queensland, as the responsible authority. We see this lapse as a breach of their duty of care and seek redress on this matter.

We humbly pray the Senate will investigate these matters and others that arise during the said investigation.


by Senator Harris (from 61 citizens).