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Thursday, 12 August 2004
Page: 26570

Senator NETTLE (5:25 PM) —I will set a broader framework for that question. It concerns not just people who are going through gender reassignment surgery but also people who were born with an intersex condition or indeterminate sex, had a gender assigned to them at a certain point during the first two years of their life and subsequently have gender reassignment surgery or take on their birth sex which was wrongfully assigned—with or without consultation with their parents—at the time when they were born of indeterminate sex. How does this legislation impact on those individuals? They may or may not have entered into a marriage. They were born of indeterminate sex, a decision was made to assign them a particular gender which was not the gender identity that they subsequently determined for themselves, and they will have gender reassignment surgery or surgery to return to the gender which they have identified for themselves. How will they be impacted on by this legislation?