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Thursday, 12 August 2004
Page: 26426

Senator GREIG (10:25 PM) —Without having the benefit of Hansardtext, I felt that the minister was being judicious in his answer when he prefaced it by saying, `There is nothing currently ...', leaving me with a fear that perhaps what he was suggesting was that at some future point, if the Australian government or its departments were to change tack in terms of policy direction or administrative application, the fears of which I spoke do come into play. Was that just a turn of phrase that the minister used? Or is there an inherent suggestion in his answer that, while the fears that I have articulated tonight may not come into play now, they may in the future? Is there something which can trigger the application of the DMCA or the patenting deals that I have spoken of and articulated from articles? Do they have potential application in the future?