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Thursday, 12 August 2004
Page: 26265

Senator BROWN (9:35 AM) —As with the last motion, I think we need to know when the report is to be presented. Everybody is very busy in here. We have important legislation. We have a jam-packed schedule. It is not fair that we are having motions put to us which simply say `a later hour of the day'. I will have a talk with Senator Hutchins in a short while about the Bali inquiry, but I think we need to have it established when this `later hour of the day' is so that we can be properly prepared for it and able to feed into it. I was expecting that these reports would be presented now. If they are being put off to a later hour of the day then I think it is unfair to the Senate that that later hour is not specified when this is, presumably, the last day of sitting and a lot of important matters are coming up. It would be good if Senator Hutchins could tell the Senate what the expected later hour of the day is. If it is after question time, I presume that means 3.30 p.m. But, if it is to drift off further into the evening, we need to know so we can have a debate about it.