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Thursday, 12 August 2004
Page: 26264

Senator BROWN (9:33 AM) —This matter is of considerable interest. I presume that by postponing it until later in the day the mover of the motion has a time in mind. It would be helpful to senators who participated in the committee and I am sure to other people taking an interest in this matter if we could have an indication as to when the `later hour of the day' is thought to be.

Senator Hutchins —I understood it to be some time after question time. That was my understanding.

Senator BROWN —I would question that a little further. There are other motions listed on the business sheet which say we may be sitting all night. If the report is to be presented after question time I will support the motion, but if it is to be some time later in the evening I want to know when so that I can make a determination as to whether we should support the motion.

Question agreed to.