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Tuesday, 10 August 2004
Page: 25975

Senator RIDGEWAY (12:50 PM) —I just want to provide the Democrats' response to the Greens' amendments on sheets 4351 and 4366. Firstly, the Greens' amendments seem fine to be supported. In fact, in a couple of areas they overlap our amendments exactly. I heard the explanation provided by Senator Nettle in terms of an introduction of a definition of an agreement to be used throughout the legislation. Whilst I think it probably needs more explanation in terms of what its effect is going to be, I do not think there is any difficulty from an Australian Democrats' perspective in being able to support that. As well, I understand that amendment (2) on sheet 4351 removes a section requiring US Customs officers to accompany verification officers. I want it on record that we have a similar amendment that removes this entire schedule and all others, so we will support that amendment. On amendment (3), removing schedule 5, again because we have an amendment that removes all of those schedules we would support that Australian Greens' proposal.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Lightfoot)—Senator Ridgeway, it is not entirely improper to flag what you are doing but we are not dealing with those clauses or amendments. We are dealing only with amendment (1) on sheet 4351 and amendment (1) on sheet 4366.