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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 8147

Senator HARRADINE (7:27 AM) —This is the time when we are accustomed to thanking those who have contributed so much to the operation of this parliament and to how we operate individually as well. I think the best way that I can thank them is to keep my remarks very short. It has been a long enough night as it is; they must be feeling very weary. My night was brightened when I got news of the birth of my 24th grandchild overnight, Liam Oliver.

Senator Boswell —Congratulations!

Senator HARRADINE —That renewed us. The fact is that those people on the staff of the Senate and my staff have contributed marvellously to the work of the Senate. I have nothing but admiration for them and wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for what they have done. It is no good to nominate particular people because they have all helped—and have all done so very efficiently and effectively. So I take this opportunity of wishing them and all of you blessings for Christmas and a happy New Year.

Senator BOSWELL —I seek to make a statement in lieu of the adjournment debate. I see Senator Patterson looking puzzled there—

Senator Patterson —No, I'm very interested in what you are going to say, Bos.

Senator BOSWELL —I made a speech in the Senate on 12 November regarding stem cells. There were a number of people who responded to that speech, and I have looked closely at their letters. I do intend to do some further research on two of those responses. I will research further what Dr Vaughan and Dr Jonson have had to say. I want to take this opportunity to say that Professor Anderson was correctly named on the ABC web site that we consulted when doing research for the speech. The mistake arose from the ARC's own government web site describing Professor Anderson as President of the Academy of Science, which he is apparently no longer. I regret the implications of the error. I withdraw the offending statement, which was as follows:

Another prominent Trounson supporter, also on the ARC board, is Professor Brian Anderson, from the Academy of Science—and a great believer in cloning.

I would also say that, in that speech, I did not accuse anyone of dishonesty, lack of integrity or impropriety. If the people named in the speech have interpreted what I said in that way, that was not my intention. I intend to make further remarks at a later date.