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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 8128

Senator MARK BISHOP (6:21 AM) —I think we will be able to give you some assistance, Chair. I respond in passing to the minister's comments. Firstly, if the motion to divide that I moved earlier is passed in this chamber, the bill will still be alive. It will go back to the other place and the government will have the opportunity to continue to consider its position. Secondly, if that motion is not passed and the government decides to pull the bill, that will mean there is an opportunity for both the government and the opposition to consider their position over the forthcoming summer break. Thirdly, the working credit is a most valuable initiative. It is most worth while, and the opposition do not want to see it postponed either temporarily or, at worst, indefinitely.

Senator Vanstone —It may have to be if you don't sort this out tonight.

Senator MARK BISHOP —There is opportunity to sort things out in the next couple of hours, Senator Vanstone. Turning to the point raised by the chair, amendments (47), (49), (50) and (54) are to be included.

The CHAIRMAN —Included where—in the `do not insist'?

Senator MARK BISHOP —We put it that the committee insist on those amendments. I ask that the question be divided and that the committee insist on amendments (18), (22), (24), (37), (39), (40), (42), (43), (61), (63), (64), (65), (74), (75), (76), (77) and (47), (49), (50) and (54).

The CHAIRMAN —Is everyone now clear? That includes the four amendments that got lost, so it is proper for the chair to divide the question and put—

Senator Cherry —I seek guidance, Mr Chairman. I would like to insist on all of the amendments. Does the division of the question means that it is put in two parts?

The CHAIRMAN —It will be put in two parts. Firstly, the question is that the committee not insist on its amendments (4), (21), (23), (25), (26), (27), (33), (35), (38), (41), (44) to (46), (48), (51) to (53), (55), (57), (58) and (60).

Senator Brown —Senator Nettle and I do not support the motion which does not insist on those amendments and would like our opposition to be recorded.

Question agreed to.

The CHAIRMAN —Now I will put the second part of the minister's motion. The question is that the committee not insist on its amendments (18), (22), (24), (37), (39), (40), (42), (43), (47), (49), (50), (54), (61), (63), (64), (65), (74), (75), (76) and (77).

Question negatived.

The CHAIRMAN —The question now is that the committee agree to the duplicated amendments.

Question agreed to.

Resolution reported; report adopted.