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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 8072

Senator BROWN (2:32 AM) —I support the amendment and note that I am told that the minister's figure is some 30 per cent of the certificates. In the absence of a government explanation to the contrary, that is a real disincentive for the rest of the emerging renewable energy market. That is why it is a regressive component of the legislation, that is why it is not allowed under the legislation in other countries like the UK and that is why the Democrat amendment should be accepted. It would ensure that it would give a much bigger boost to the renewable energy options which this legislation was meant to target—not least of which are solar and wind power—if it weren't for the way in which the hydro producers are able to manipulate the market, as explained by Senator Allison, to take for themselves the advantage out of this system and away from these sunrise industries that we should be promoting.

Question negatived.