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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 8065

Senator BROWN (1:53 AM) —Every now and again you are opposed by people who are ignorant of what your policy base is, who have not even looked at the web site to see what it is and who make assumptions that are entirely false. I think the article in the Financial Review falls right into that category. However, as for the matter at hand, which is Senator O'Brien's asseverations about the CSIRO report, I repeat that the terms of reference precluded the CSIRO from making a comparison between keeping the native forests standing and destroying them and taking a component of that and putting it in furnaces. If they had been given that opportunity they would have found that the best option—other scientists right around the world have found this—is to keep the forests standing. That is the end of the argument, unless Senator O'Brien wants to assert that it improves the global greenhouse situation to cut down old growth forests.

On the matter of the Labor Party losing the election, I made that point clear in my earlier submission. I said that the Labor Party are breaking the spirit of that commitment. They are being given an opportunity in the Senate tonight, where we have the numbers, but they have said that they will not support the commitment that they made when the Greens raised it in an amendment. Let that be on the record.

I asked the minister what he meant when he referred to wood waste that is sustainably produced, but he did not answer that question. I put that question to him again: what does he mean by the term `sustainably produced wood waste' referring, as we are, to native forest wood waste?