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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7993

Senator LUDWIG (9:31 PM) —In respect of the argument that has been progressing in relation to minors, what age does the minister say that a minor cannot contract for a recreational service, that would then exclude them from being able to sue in contract or their guardian from being able to sue in contract on their behalf? My recollection is that a minor cannot normally sue in contract for certain things, but they can sue in contract for basic necessities of life. That may be modified or amended by statute, but that certainly is the case. Perhaps the minister has a better recollection than I do, but I recall that that has been expanded somewhat of late because it is a lot more difficult nowadays to determine the basic necessities of life. That broad definition now can encompass more than what we might consider—more than bread and milk on the table. It might include in some parts recreational activities, particularly once a minor gets past a certain age, but certainly below the age of 18.