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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7867

Senator NETTLE (12:37 PM) —The Greens will be supporting the amendment put up by Senator Greig. We will be supporting it because the bill put forward in the New South Wales parliament and passed just last week is an absolutely abhorrent piece of legislation. As we have pointed out in the course of this debate, it does, in some instances, go far further than the piece of legislation that has been put forward in the federal parliament. It allows for the sections of that act to be acted upon without a warrant. The Greens have voiced strong opposition to this federal legislation and to the legislation proposed in New South Wales. In New South Wales we put up amendments to say that a report on the carrying out of the powers under that piece of legislation should be provided to parliament. A simple amendment like that was not even supported in the New South Wales parliament. So the Greens are happy to support this proposal put forward by Senator Greig. We believe that no acceptable balance between public security and the legal rights of Australians has been reached with regard to this legislation at a federal parliament level and certainly not at the New South Wales parliament level.