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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7864

Senator GREIG (12:25 PM) —If this amendment were to be successful and thereby extend the opportunities for issuing warrants to come from serving state judges as well as those that are already proposed, can the minister give an indication as to what extent that would increase the number of people available to process the appropriate paperwork? Could the minister perhaps indicate—I know it is a difficult question, given the uncertainty of this—that, given the number of both state and retired judges who would then be available to facilitate this, to what extent would the minister consider that option (3)—that is, going to serving AAT presiding officers—be utilised? I can perhaps summarise that a better way: if the amendment is successful and we are dealing with both serving state judges and retired chapter III court judges, how many times would the minister consider it necessary to go to the possibility of seeking approval from AAT officers?