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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7851

Senator NETTLE (11:07 AM) —I would like to thank the minister for clarifying that the breaking of conditions of certain operational aspects of the issuing of a warrant and the conditions of a warrant are listed as an offence under the bill. The minister has also clarified that he does not believe that certain procedures relating to operational aspects of the questioning under these warrants should be listed as an offence under the bill. These procedures include ensuring that people are given adequate food, drink, medical care and breaks in questioning and transporting people into custody and the facilities where questioning could take place. I think the minister has made it clear that he believes it is appropriate that certain aspects of the operations of this warrant be listed as an offence. However, he does not believe it is appropriate for breaches of certain other operational aspects, such as those I just indicated, to be listed as an offence under the bill.