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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7849

Senator GREIG (10:54 AM) —I have a question for the minister in the context of complaints against procedures and authorities. I ask if the minister is aware that recent antiterrorism legislation passed by the New South Wales parliament would, among other things, seek to provide that certain police behaviour may not be challenged, reviewed, quashed or called into question on any grounds whatsoever before a court, tribunal, body or person in any legal proceedings or restrained, removed or otherwise affected by proceedings in the nature of the prohibition or mandamus.

I realise that is state legislation and not what we are addressing here, but I ask the minister in that context: has the government sought any advice on the constitutionality of that state legislation? Also, more broadly, does the government have some kind of uniformity and consistency of approach for addressing state based antiterrorism legislation, which seems to be appearing on an ad hoc basis?