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Thursday, 12 December 2002
Page: 7838

Senator NETTLE (10:06 AM) —I rise to ask some questions of Senator Faulkner about this package of ALP amendments and the form of the questioning and detention regime that the ALP seek to put in place. I want to hear from Senator Faulkner about the sorts of time frames that the opposition are anticipating that their questioning and detention regime will result in. What periods of time are we anticipating that people will be held for? We have heard that the opposition are proposing that four hours be extended to eight hours, with an opportunity to extend that to an additional eight hours, giving us 20 hours of detention in total. We heard from Senator Faulkner, and we have talked before in this committee, about how this period does not include the time during which people may be resting, talking to lawyers, talking to interpreters, consuming food or engaging in a whole range of other processes that will take place outside of the questioning regime but will still be a part of the detention regime being proposed. We heard Senator Faulkner say before that this may include, therefore, detention for a day or so. He also referred to the fact that detention may go into a second day. I want to hear from Senator Faulkner about the sorts of time frames that we are anticipating that people would be held for under the questioning and detention regime being put forward by the opposition.