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Thursday, 14 November 2002
Page: 6325

Senator HARRADINE (9:44 AM) —by leave—I did not say anything last night, but we are under a bit of a misapprehension. What was understood previously was that there would be debate on the Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill 2002 and that if it concluded or folded we would go on to the second reading debate on the Research Involving Embryos Bill 2002. It was not expected that that debate would take the shorter time that it did, because it was expected that the vote on the second reading of that bill would not take place until the first week in December. My clear understanding of the matter was that, if the second reading debate on the research involving embryos legislation did not conclude by 12.45 today, the vote on the second reading would take place on 2 December. That was the understanding. You are well in front at the present moment. The committee stage of the cloning bill has finished and now we are involved in the committee stage of the Research Involving Embryos Bill.

That was the situation. Instead of griping about the matter, Senator Campbell, you should be aware that you are well in front at this particular point in time. I personally do not have objections to this notice now that I have seen it and read it, and I do not have too many objections about getting another hour in, as proposed. All I am saying is that one would have thought that there would have been consultation and the statement made: `This is our intention; how about it?' If that were done, I certainly would not have opened my mouth today.