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Tuesday, 12 November 2002
Page: 6143

Senator HARRADINE (9:04 PM) —I wish to go to that amendment shortly. I am rather surprised that the Minister for Health and Ageing said that she is going to vote against all amendments, presumably irrespective of what is said about them in this chamber. I say this particularly in relation to the amendment that I am referring to, which is simply an attempt to improve the proposed act. As is indicated in my amendment, a particular group of embryos may indeed not be covered by the cloning legislation.

I want to ask the minister about clause 2— that is, the constitutional powers upon which this legislation is based. For the record, I wish to hear the minister's comments as to why the minister thinks that the constitutional powers mentioned will in fact be sufficient for the purposes of this legislation. Again, I refer to the fact that this legislation is to prohibit human cloning. It is the Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill. We have to get it right. If we do not have the constitutional power mentioned, then what we all believe should be done will not be able to be done. I am simply asking why the minister thinks that the restricted number of constitutional placita is sufficient for the purposes of this legislation. For example, why weren't the various other placita—and I can mention them—used for the purposes of this legislation?