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Wednesday, 25 September 2002
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Senator O'Brien asked the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, upon notice, on 6 August 2002:

(1) What is the membership of the South-East New South Wales Area Consultative Committee (ACC).

(2) (a) When was each member appointed to the South-East New South Wales ACC; (b) what is the occupation of each member; and (c) what are their qualifications.

(3) Has any member of the South-East New South Wales ACC held any public office since January 2000, including appointments by local government, the New South Wales Government and the Commonwealth; if so, what was: (a) the title and nature of office held; (b) the term of office; and (c) the method of election and appointment.

(4) What selection process was followed in the appointment of members of the South-East New South Wales ACC, specifically: (a) who nominated each member; (b) what assessment was made of each nominee; (c) who undertook that assessment process; (d) who approved the appointment of each member; and (e) did the appointment of each member receive ministerial endorsement.

(5) If the appointment of each member to the South-East New South Wales ACC was endorsed at ministerial level: (a) which minister endorsed each appointee; and (b) in each case, when did the minister give the endorsement.

Senator Ian Macdonald (Minister for Forestry and Conservation) —The Minister for Transport and Regional Services has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) The membership of the South East NSW Area Consultative Committee (as at 6 August 2002) is as follows:

Mr Greg Malavey (Chairperson)

Ms Kerry Boyenga

Mr Steve Farkas

Mr Huon Hassall

Mr Tony Parbery

Ms Michelle Robinson

Mr Chris Vardon

Ms Clare Whiter

Ms Gwen Prendergast (Deputy Chair)

Mr David Bisiker

Mr Brian Coyte

Mr Colin Hobson

(Source: SEACC website:

(2) (a)-(c)

Mr Greg Malavey - was initially appointed to the Chair's position in June 1998. Mr Malavey is a Board member of the Southern Phone Company; a member of Moruya Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce; a past board member for the Development of Carroll College and Moruya Hospital Boards and a local businessman.

Ms Kerry Boyenga - was appointed in August 1997. Ms Boyenga is a Teacher at Broulee Public School, President of the Far South Coast Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and a member of the Cobowra (Moruya) Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Mr Steve Farkas - was appointed in August 1997. Mr Farkas is a farmer and former small business manager, a Councillor with Bombala Shire Council and has been actively involved with the forest restructuring process.

Mr Huon Hassall - was appointed in August 1997. He is a semi-retired senior consultant with Hassall and Associates Pty Ltd, Agricultural Consultants.

Mr Tony Parbery - was appointed in August 1997. Mr Parbery is a Solicitor and a member of Tathra Surf Club and Far South Coast and Monaro Regional Law Society.

Ms Michelle Robinson - was appointed in September 1998. Ms Robinson is the Tourism Promotion Manager for Sapphire Coast Tourism and the Vice Chair of the South Coast Regional Tourism Organisation.

Mr Chris Vardon - was appointed in 1994. Mr Vardon is a councillor with Eurobodalla Shire Council and a member of numerous committees in Eurobodalla.

Ms Clare Whiter - was appointed in February 1999. Ms Whiter is the Country Area Program Resource Centre Officer for Eden Cluster of Schools and she works with the Department of Land and Water Conservation. Ms Whiter is also Secretary of the Eden Port Development Committee, a Director of the Eden Foundation and a founding member of Eden Community Access Centre.

Ms Gwen Prendergast - was appointed in February 1999. Ms Prendergast is a member of Jindabyne Partnerships Committee and owner-manager of Anglers Reach Caravan Park on Lake Eucumbene.

Mr David Bisiker - was appointed in December 2000. Mr Bisiker is the District Operations Manager of the South Coast District, Illawarra Institute of Technology.

Mr Brian Coyte - was appointed in August 2000. Mr Coyte is the Managing Director of South East Printing, President of Cooma Family Support Services, and a member of the Cooma Apex Club and Cooma Unlimited.

Mr Colin Hobson - was appointed on 5 December 2000. Mr Hobson is the Owner-Manager of Wilfred's Restaurant at Jindabyne. He has been active in small business and tourism in the area and a member of the Lions Club for 14 years.

(Source of all information except appointment dates: SEACC website:

Note: Under the Associations' Incorporation Act 1984, Section 21A, the NSW Government must keep a register of committee members. The Public Officer of the associations is the keeper of this information and must make it available to the public. The Commonwealth does not have this material on record.

(3) To the Department's knowledge, only two members of South East NSW Area Consultative Committee Board have held public office since January 2000.

(a) Mr Chris Vardon is currently a councillor with Eurobodalla Shire Council and was formerly its Mayor. Mr Steve Farkas is currently a councillor with Bombala Shire Council.

(b) The terms of office for councillors are not recorded by the Department.

(c) Both councillors were elected in local government elections under the conditions prescribed in the NSW Local Government Act 1993.

(4) The Chair of the SE NSW ACC, Mr Greg Malavey, was appointed by the Secretary of the Department. The Secretary of the Department is responsible for appointing ACC Chairs.

(a) Other members of the committee are nominated and appointed in accordance with the rules of the Constitution of the South-East NSW ACC.

(b) The Commonwealth is not involved in the process of assessing ACC committee members nor does it keep historical records of each nominated member. ACC committee members are appointed under the provisions of their constitution.

(c) and (d) Refer to 4 (b) above.

(e) The appointment of an ACC member is in accordance with the rules of their Constitution and does not require ministerial endorsement.

(5) (a) and (b) Not applicable, refer to (4) (e) above.