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Wednesday, 25 September 2002
Page: 4823

Senator SHERRY (11:49 AM) —I owe Senator Murray an apology. I was actually looking at an old copy of the Democrats amendments when I made my `grudging' acknowledgment of the positive contribution that you made on the previous amendment, Senator Murray—my apologies. Like Senator Harris, occasionally you do get caught looking at older documents. Rather than expressing the Labor Party's acknowledgments in terms of `ripping the heart out of the bill', Senator Murray, I would prefer to say `restoring balance to the bill', which we acknowledge and appreciate and which is why we supported it.

We are supporting this amendment from the Australian Democrats in reference to the Munro decision. This is not setting a precedent; there are other references in the bill to other cases. I understand there are judgments scattered throughout, and the Labor Party obviously believe that it is a useful reference point to have in the legislation reference to judgments that are useful in the context of industrial relations. It is a positive initiative.