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Thursday, 25 August 1994
Page: 347

Senator FAULKNER (Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories) (11.53 a.m.) —On the last point, the Western Australian government produced a booklet that I referred to, which is on the public record. I think it was certainly distributed at the recent ANZECC meeting. To my knowledge, my response to Mr Minson was not made public by me but it is not a matter to be ashamed of. The debate has been in the public arena for some time and it is probably not sensible that we get bogged down on it. I do not know whether what Senator Ian Macdonald is saying is correct or not. If I circulated it, so be it. I hope it is an important addition to the public debate.

  I stress that the government certainly accepts the principle of uniformity. As far as it is sensible to do so, I repeat that in my view the amendment moved by Senator Macdonald would significantly undermine the purpose of the bill on which we are deliberating at the moment. We are about achieving a greater consistency of national environmental measures. I believe that the strength of the position for which I have argued stands the test of scrutiny, and I urge honourable senators to oppose this amendment.