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Thursday, 25 August 1994
Page: 321

  Motion (by Senator Chamarette) agreed to:

  That, with respect to each bill proposed for urgent passage in the 1994 Spring sittings but not introduced into either House in the Winter sittings, there be laid on the table, by the Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Gareth Evans) and the Manager of Government Business (Senator Faulkner), not later than immediately after question time and any motions to take note of answers on 1 September 1994, a detailed statement explaining:

  (a)why that bill should be treated as an exception to the practice announced to the Senate by Senator Evans on 18 August 1993 that thereafter the Government would introduce legislation on an `introduce one session—debate the next' basis;

  (b)whether, and if so why, that bill is regarded as an `urgent bill on an unforeseen subject', within the meaning of the 18 August 1993 announcement; and

  (c)bearing in mind that:

    (i)implementation of the new practice has been successful in the year since Senator Evans' announcement, and

    (ii)in that announcement, Senator Evans confirmed that it would be easier to apply to the practice in subsequent years, for example, in pre-June Budget years;

  if the bill was not unforeseen, what steps were not taken, or were not taken quickly or effectively enough, to maintain the practice and avoid its collapse into confusion and abandonment by August 1994, when 30 to 40 per cent of the Government's legislative program, comprising some 30 bills, is described as `high priority' but `not yet introduced'.