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Tuesday, 28 June 1994
Page: 2151

Senator ROBERT RAY (Minister for Defence) (10.12 p.m.) —The government believes that $30,000 is a fair maximum amount of compensation to protect employers from large claims that could otherwise be made by non-award employees. Senator Chapman threw a big spear in the air and said, `This is really to help out union officials.' I do not know of a paid union official who works under an award rate, certainly not for this particular amount. They are all basically in the non-award area. After a very sensible and balanced debate so far we went off on that bit of a romp on which I cannot agree with Senator Chapman. I have to disappoint him. If there are 5,200 in a particular category, I cannot give their names and addresses at this stage. That would not surprise him much.

Senator Chapman —You could take it on notice, Minister, could you?

Senator ROBERT RAY —I do not think I will even take it on notice, if Senator Chapman does not mind. Senator Kemp asked some questions about the obsession of his life, international conventions. This amendment is within the discretion of the ILO convention which gives each country or any union or employer group that wants to complain to the ILO an entitlement to do so.