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Monday, 11 November 1991
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Senator GILES (10.35 p.m.) —I recently attended the annual West Australian Sportswoman of the Year-QUIT presentation function. This was won for the second time by Shelley Taylor-Smith, the outstanding marathon swimmer whose records are increasingly remarkable. Since winning a gold medal at the Sixth World Swimming Championships in January 1991, she has been the first woman to cross the line on no less than eight occasions. The ninth occasion, yesterday, culminated in her defeating 21 of the world's best marathon swimmers, men and women, across 30 kilometres of Sydney Harbour. This success, in six hours 59 minutes and 38 seconds, was nearly four minutes ahead of her rival throughout in difficult, choppy conditions in addition to the pain of a jellyfish sting on her face along the way.

  Given the importance of this event, I expected the West Australian, the only daily paper in Western Australia, to lead the celebrations. But I was disappointed. Shelley's photograph was neither on the front page nor on the back page. It was tucked away somewhere round about page 48. Like many splendid sportswomen, Ms Taylor-Smith does not always receive the recognition that she so richly deserves; hence my determination to ensure that our permanent annals here in parliament do detail her achievements to this point. I can do no better than incorporate her wins since 28 October 1990 when she won the Australian 25 kilometre long distance swim trial and was elected to represent Australia in the World Swimming Championships in January 1991. I seek leave to incorporate this list of her wins.

  Leave granted.

  The document read as follows

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Honours/Awards October, 1990—October, 1991

World Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 1990. December, 1990 by Swimming World Magazine.

Induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, U.S.A.—for contributions made to Long Distance Swimming. December, 1990.

Australian Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 1990 by Australian Swimming, April, 1991.

World Series for Marathon Swimming 1991 Rankings:

—No. 1 Ranking Woman

—No. 2 Ranking Overall (combined male & female).

W.A. Sportswoman of the Year 1991, October.

October 28, 1990 Australian 25km Long Distance Swim Team Trial. 1st Female, 2nd Overall. Selected to represent Australia in the World Swimming Championships in January, 1991.

January 10, 1991 6th FINA World Swimming Championships. GOLD Medallist—Inaugural 25km Marathon Swim Event. 1st West Australian ever to win a GOLD medal. Perth, W.A.

* January 26, 1991 "All Saints Bay" International Crossing 20km Marathon Swim. 1st Place Woman, 9th Overall. Salvador, Brazil.

* February 4, 1991 18th Edition "Rio Coronda" 57km International Marathon Swim. 1st Place Woman, 4th Place Overall. Highest Placing of a woman in the event's history. Santa Fe, Argentina.

* July 5, 1991 33rd Annual Capri Napoli 32km Marathon Swim Championship. 1st Place Woman, 10th Overall. NEW WOMEN'S WORLD RECORD—7HRS 19MINS (broke previous world record by 6 1/2 mins. set in 1979). Capri, Italy.

* July 21, 1991 13th Annual Le Traversee Internationale 42km Du Lac Memphremagog. 1st Place Woman, 2nd Overall. NEW WOMEN'S WORLD RECORD 8HRS 59MINS (broke previous world record by 32mins. I set in 1990). Magog, Quebec, Canada.

* July 28, 1991 37th Annual Le Traversee Internationale 40km Du Lac St. Jean. 1st Place Woman, 5th Overall, Roberval, Quebec, Canada.

* August 4, 1991 Atlantic City 36km Ocean Marathon Swim Championship. 1ST PLACE OVERALL. NEW WORLD RECORD 7HRS 12MINS for both male & female (previous world record overall—7hrs 18mins & women's record 7hrs 44mins). 1st time a woman has won a major professional marathon swim event in the history of the marathon swimming circuit. Atlantic City, U.S.A.

August 19, 1991 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. GOLD Medallist—Inaugural 25km Long Distance Swim Event. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.

* Events part of the "World Series for Marathon Swimming" Circuit.

Senator GILES —Honours and awards received by Ms Taylor-Smith include the World Long Distance Swimmer of the Year 1990, awarded in December 1990 by Swimming World magazine; induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in the United States of America for contributions made to long distance swimming in December 1990; Australian long distance swimmer of the year 1990 by Australian Swimming in April 1991. Within the World Series for marathon swimming in 1991, her rankings are as No. 1 ranking woman and No. 2 ranking overall, which is the combined male and female ranking.

  I feel certain that Australians generally and Western Australians in particular are immensely proud of Shelley Taylor-Smith, whose determination and stamina place her among the great performers, men or women, of the 1990s. On behalf of all of us who admire and applaud her success, I extend sincere congratulations and the hope and conviction that she will go on to even greater achievements.