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Monday, 11 November 1991
Page: 2864

Senator COLLINS (Minister for Shipping and Aviation Support) (9.09 p.m.) —With regard to all the remaining Government amendments, with the concurrence of the Opposition, as we have already exhaustively debated the substance of this matter entirely in the debate on the amendment to clause 3, I am sure there will be no need to go over the ground again. Therefore, I propose to move this amendment and all the remaining amendments related to this matter of setting up the community advisory committee without further debate. I move:

  Clause 47, paragraph (1)(e), lines 17 to 21, omit the paragraph, substitute the following paragraph and word:

  "(e) set out the Board's additional community consultative measures, that is to say, any measures that the Board proposes to adopt in addition to receiving advice from the Community Advisory Committee to ensure that it is aware of, and responsive to, community needs and opinions (including the needs and opinions of small or newly arrived ethnic groups) on matters relevant to the Charter; and".

  Amendment agreed to.

  Clause, as amended, agreed to.

  Clause 48 agreed to.

  Clause 49.

  Amendment (by Senator Collins) proposed:

  (3)  Clause 49, page 17, line 34 to page 18, line 8, omit the clause, substitute the following clause:

  Community Advisory Committee

  "49.(1) The Board must establish a committee to be known as the Community Advisory Committee.

  "(2) The function of the Committee is to assist the Board to fulfil its duty under paragraph 10(1)(g) by advising the Board on community needs and opinions, including the needs and opinions of small or newly arrived ethnic groups, on matters relevant to the Charter.

  "(3) Each member of the Committee is to be appointed by the Board.

  "(4) The Board may only appoint a person to the Committee if the Board is satisfied that the person:

  (a)has an understanding of Australia's multicultural society; and

  (b)in particular, has interests relevant to, and an understanding of, ethnic, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities.

  "(5) The Board is to determine the terms and conditions of appointment of each member of the Committee.".