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Monday, 11 November 1991
Page: 2853

Senator ALSTON (8.09 p.m.) —There is provision for corporate plans under clause 46. They would recur from time to time. Each corporate plan would have to set out the board's community consultative measures; that is, the measures that the board proposes to adopt to ensure that it is aware of, and responsive to, community needs and opinions.

  It seems to me that there really is not a great deal more to be achieved by our pursuing our amendment No. 4, which would simply require the establishment of a committee to spell out the mechanism by which the board ought to consult. The board is required to spell out how it will consult in its corporate plan. There is also power on the part of the Minister to vary that corporate plan and, presumably, to direct attention to that in particular, if the Government adopts our amendment No. 3.

  I take the Minister's point that it is a trifle unlikely that the board would not be seized of the necessity to properly consult and would not be prepared to make it clear how it proposed to go about that. Nonetheless, the Minister would still have the power to vary the corporate plan to make that clear.

Senator Harradine —Is the Opposition proceeding with its proposed amendment No. 3?

Senator ALSTON —Yes.