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Monday, 11 November 1991
Page: 2853

Senator ALSTON (8.06 p.m.) —If I understood correctly, our amendments, if moved, would not be supported by the Democrats.

Senator Coulter —They would be but with the amendment from the Government.

Senator ALSTON —What would follow from that is that the Government's amendments would either override or vary ours to the point where ours would become unnecessary. In other words, I do not think we can have the two standing together. If Senator Coulter is indicating a preference for the Government's version, I would be reluctant to proceed with our amendments, on the understanding—as the Minister says—that it becomes a scoreless draw.

  As I understand it, clause 47(1)(e), as printed, in effect requires the board to spell out some of the consultative mechanisms that it will adopt. That probably goes a fair way towards meeting the concerns that we had. If we all proceed on that basis, I would be content.