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Monday, 11 November 1991
Page: 2820

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the undersigned citizens of Australia respectfully showeth that:

  (1)Telecom is selling 0055 telephone networks to private contractors who provide offensive and sexually explicit recorded messages to the public.

  (2)The providers of these services are advertising in the pages of Australian newspapers in a manner which is designed to titillate and attract calls from the whole community and thus play on the curiosity of children.

  (3)These services degrade and humiliate women and portray them as sex objects, and they destroy the innocence of children.

  Your petitioners request that the Senate, in Parliament assembled, immediately call on Telecom to so regulate the conditions under which these services are made available, that women are no longer portrayed as sex objects, degraded or humiliated and that the innocence of children is protected.

  And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.