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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1420

Senator TATE (Special Minister of State)(6.07) —Given my previous statement about the need for credibility in the outcome of the result, it is probably unlikely that a person well known in the Tasmanian Wilderness Society would get a guernsey. I am not privy to any list of those who are being considered by government nor will I play any part in the selection process. It is very important that nobody be disabled from being a member of this panel of inquiry merely because of his association with conservation movements.

Senator Walters —That is having two bob each way.

Senator TATE —No, it is not. I am simply saying that part of the qualifications to which Senator Watson referred may involve an appreciation, a knowledge and an intimate understanding of some conservation values. So a person could not be dismissed simply because he had been a member of an organisation which has that particular emphasis. Membership of a particular organisation would need to be taken into account by government in ensuring not only for Tasmanians but also all those who are interested in the outcome of the inquiry, that no undue prejudice was brought to bear right from the beginning of the inquiry.