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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2250

Senator PETER RAE(5.24) —I thank the Minister. I would like to ask just one further question. The other aspect of superannuation that I wanted to ask about is that relating to the Special Broadcasting Service. Because there were problems with the legislation relating to the SBS and the government of the day decided that it would avoid the Parliament, not bother about the legislation and create the body anyway, the SBS was not created as a statutory authority. Consequently, it does not make an employer's contribution to superannuation for its employees. However, if one were to try to make a comparison of costs with public broadcasting, one would need to calculate what would be the employer's contribution were the SBS a statutory authority. What I would like to ask is whether that information is available and, if it is not available, whether it could be made available; that is, on the supposition that the SBS was a statutory authority, which it would have been, and on the same basis as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. On that basis, what would the employer's contribution to the Commonwealth be?