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Wednesday, 24 October 1984
Page: 2391

Senator BUTTON (Leader of the Government in the Senate) —Mr President, I also wish to refer briefly to the resignation of Senator Martin and to endorse your remarks and about one third of the remarks of Senator Chaney. I think I should explain what I was trying to say in those days. If I can look at it in retrospect, even in those days I had a sense of aesthetics and the only leavening things, after the whole experience of six weeks of looking at your rotten lot over there, were Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle and Senator Martin. It was a source of relative joy, compared with the other people I had to gaze upon. Just as the Mona Lisa provides joy to some of us who are more sensitive chaps than others, so did she in those days.

When somebody leaves this place or dies or something like that I think that one recalls, in a sense, the most constructive times that one has had with that person rather than the times in which one has been engaged in debating and all of that sort of stuff. I suppose I will always recall working with Senator Martin on the Senate Standing Committee on Education and the Arts which dealt with the children's television issue in Australia and also the question of the isolated children's scheme. I very much appreciated her work on that committee. When we leave politics and go to the House of Representatives and things like that, perhaps these are the things that are most remembered. She made a great contribution to the Senate in those sorts of activities as she did, of course, as a vigorous debater in this place. I would like to join in thanking her for her service to the Senate. I cannot say that I will be barracking for her on 1 December. However, I hope she has a happy and invigorating campaign, if I can put it that way, and that she remains in good health and happiness for a long time to come.