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Thursday, 6 September 1984
Page: 622

Senator PETER RAE(10.09) -There is an addendum to that which was discussed by the Standing Orders Committee and, as I understood it, agreed to by everybody. It is to the effect that it would be advantageous where a committee takes evidence that should never be released for it to be marked in that way. That would then be a guiding factor for the Presiding Officers in the implementation of the proposal which Senator Robertson has just mentioned. I have in mind certain documents which were received by a committee with which I was associated some 12 years ago. Those documents were received on the basis that they would never be released and that was the only basis on which they were likely to be available to the committee. Great use was able to be made of those documents by the committee in informing itself of information on a background basis. So, while I support the motion, I add the addendum that it would be useful if any committee were in a position where it received documents which should not be released, that those documents be marked as such at the time the committee finishes its work so that a later Presiding Officer would have some basis upon which he could make a decision if he was asked to do so 30 years later. Having added that addendum to Senator Robertson's comments, I support the motion.